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Looking to add a special touch to your gifts? Explore our collection of custom printed gift tags today that are printable and ready to go! Personalize your presents and make them truly unique with our customizable options. Shop now for the perfect finishing touch for any occasion.


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Gift-giving is an art, and the perfect gift deserves a finishing touch that speaks volumes about the thought and care put into it. Custom-made gift tags, printed with your brand, are more than just a piece of paper; they are a testament to the special bond you share with the recipient.

At Brandscape.shop, we understand the importance of these small yet significant brand-related details, such as personalised gift tags. That’s why we offer an array of brand-themed customizable and printable gift tag templates, ensuring that you can download gift tag designs that make your Christmas gifts carry your personal touch in every fold and font.

Let’s explore the myriad ways you can elevate your gift-giving with our custom tags.

The Benefits of Custom Made Gift Tags

A Personalized Touch for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or a Christmas holiday every special occasion deserves a touch of personalized brand gift tag. Custom gift tags allow you to incorporate names, dates, or special messages that resonate with the event and the recipient. It’s not just a brand or Christmas tag; it’s a keepsake that cherishes memories and moments.

Enhancing Gift Presentation

First impressions matter, and the presentation of your Christmas gift, complete with a branded tag, sets the tone for the festive surprise inside. Custom tags can match the theme, color, and style of your gift, making it stand out. Whether you opt for elegant and understated or bold and colorful ‘Merry Christmas’ themed, your printable gift tag template can set the perfect stage for the unveiling of the present.

Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience

Custom printable gift tags mean you have control over the quantity and design. With our printable gift tag templates, you can print as many as you need, be it for your brand or a merry Christmas, avoiding wastage and extra cost. Plus, with printable options, you can get your tags ready in no time, perfect for those last-minute gift preparations.

The Enhanced Convenience of Printable Gift Tags

Instant Availability: A Time-Saving Solution

Printable gift tags have revolutionized the way we add finishing touches to gifts. Gone are the days of waiting for shipments or making urgent dashes to the store. With the rise of digital platforms offering gift tag templates, you can access a variety of designs instantly.

These printable options allow you to select a design, personalize it to your liking, and print it right from your home or office. This instant availability ensures that even in a time crunch, your gifts will not lack the personal touch of a beautifully designed tag.

Variety of Designs: Unleashing Creativity

The digital world offers an endless array of gift tag designs, from the elegant and subdued to the bright and whimsical. Whether you are celebrating a “Merry Christmas,” a birthday, or any other occasion, you can find or create a tag that perfectly matches the theme and sentiment. Many platforms offer customizable templates where you can add personal messages, names, or even photos. This variety ensures that each gift you give carries a unique, personal touch that resonates with the recipient. The use of customizable tags, especially during festive seasons or for special events like a Christmas party or a holiday gift exchange, adds a special element of care and thoughtfulness to your gifts.

Scalability: From Single Gifts to Bulk Needs

One of the standout benefits of printable gift tags is their scalability. Whether you’re wrapping a single present or coordinating gifts for an entire event, you can print the exact number of tags you need, avoiding waste and unnecessary costs. This scalability is particularly beneficial for businesses that require a large volume of tags for product packaging or corporate gifting. They can incorporate their brand into the design, using custom tags printed with their logo, and maintain consistency across all items.

For personal events like a Christmas party, you can create a cohesive look for all your gifts, favor tags, and even decor by printing themed tags.

Moreover, the ability to print tags on demand means you’re always prepared, regardless of the size of your gift list or the proximity of the occasion. You can choose the perfect final touch for your gift, be it a tag with foil accents for a bit of sparkle or a simple yet elegant kraft paper tag. And for those looking to go the extra mile, pairing the tag with a matching envelope or including a mini envelope with the tag can elevate the presentation of your gift.

The advent of printable gift tags has brought about a significant shift in gift presentation, offering a blend of convenience, variety, and personalization. By leveraging these customizable and instantly available options, you can ensure that every gift you give reflects a personal touch and thoughtfulness. So next time you’re gearing up for a holiday party, personal occasion, or business event, remember the enhanced convenience of printable gift tags and make your gifts stand out with that perfect final touch.

\Whether you’re adding a merry Christmas label, a heartfelt thank you, or a tag that reflects your brand’s identity, printable gift tags are your solution to making every gift uniquely special.

How to Get Your Custom Made Gift Tags Printable

Choosing the Right Platform

Brandscape.shop offers a wide range of designs and customization options. Start by browsing through our collection to find the perfect template for your gift tags.

Customizing and Personalise Your Design

Once you’ve selected a template, personalize it with names, messages, or images. Our user-friendly design tools make it easy to create a tag that’s uniquely yours.

Printing Your Tags

With your design ready, all that’s left is to print. You can print your tags at home or at any local print shop. We recommend using quality paper or cardstock to give your tags a premium feel.

Ideas and Inspiration for Customizing Gift Tags

For Birthdays and Celebrations

Highlight the Celebrant’s Personal Details: Birthdays and celebrations are all about the individual. Customize the gift tag by including the recipient’s name, age, or a fun fact about them. Consider printing a mini envelope with the tag, which can house a small photo or a note, adding an extra layer of personal touch.

Bright Colors and Fun Motifs: Utilize printable gift tag templates with vibrant colors and festive motifs. For children’s parties, consider themes from their favorite stories or characters. For adults, think about sleek, modern designs or perhaps a touch of nostalgia with vintage styles.

Customize with Memorable Dates: For milestone birthdays, include the significant year on the tag, perhaps with a “Born in [Year]” or “Sweet 16, 21, 30, etc.” This not only personalizes the tag but turns it into a keepsake.

For Weddings and Anniversaries

Elegant Themes and Fonts: Reflect the elegance of the occasion with gift tags printed in subtle colors like pastels or metallic tones. Script fonts add a sophisticated touch, while incorporating the wedding or anniversary theme ensures continuity in style.

Couples’ Personalization: Include the couple’s names, the date of the wedding or anniversary, or even a snippet from their vows or a favorite love quote. For wedding favors, consider a tag that reads “Thank you for sharing our special day” with the couple’s names and wedding date.

Quality Material: Print on high-quality cardstock or even textured paper to add a luxurious feel. Tags with foil accents or embossed details can elevate the overall presentation and make the tags stand out.

Holiday Cheer

Seasonal Spirit: For holidays like Christmas or Eid, use gift tags that reflect the season’s spirit with traditional motifs such as Christmas trees, stars, or crescent moons. Add a personalized “Merry Christmas” or “Eid Mubarak” message to spread the festive cheer.

Warm Wishes and Punny Messages: A warm, heartfelt message or a clever pun related to the holiday can make your gift tags memorable. Phrases like “Tis the Season” or “Winter Wonders” for Christmas, or “Blessed Eid” for Eid, paired with personal wishes, can make the recipient feel special.

Festive Designs: Incorporate elements like snowflakes, ornaments, lanterns, or holiday-specific colors into your tag design. Printable gift tag templates often come in holiday themes, offering a range of options to choose from.

Additional Creative Inspirations

For Corporate Gifting: Reflect your brand’s identity with custom printed gift tags. Include your company logo, brand colors, and a message that resonates with your corporate values. These tags can accompany client gifts, employee appreciation presents, or promotional items.

Thank You Tags for Product Packaging: If you’re running a business, adding a personalized thank you tag to your product packaging can enhance the customer experience. Print tags that say “Thank You for Your Purchase” or “Handmade with Love” to show appreciation and add a personal touch.

Gift Tags as Event Entry Passes: For exclusive events or parties, use gift tags as creative entry passes. Include the event details, date, and venue on the tag, and perhaps a QR code for a digital invitation or additional information. Attach these tags to a small giveaway or entry token.

Unique Holiday Party Invitations: Transform printable gift tags into unique holiday party invitations. Include all the necessary details like date, time, and venue, and perhaps a festive message or instruction like “Ugly Sweater Required” for a Christmas party.

Customizing gift tags offers an opportunity to add a personal, creative touch to any occasion or product. With printable options, the process is convenient and adaptable to your needs, whether you’re celebrating a special day, sending holiday wishes, or enhancing your business’s product packaging. By incorporating thoughtful details, quality materials, and personalized messages, your gift tags can become memorable additions that reflect the care and attention you’ve put into every gift or product.

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Tips for Printing and Assembling Gift Tags

Quality Matters

The paper you choose can influence the overall look and feel of your tag. Consider using cardstock or specialty paper for a more luxurious feel.

Precision Cutting

Use a paper cutter or scissors to ensure clean and precise edges. This will give your tags a professional look.

Attaching Your Tags

Ribbon, twine, or even a simple staple can be used to attach your tags to gifts. Choose an attachment method that complements the style of your gift and tag.

The method you choose to attach your gift tags to presents significantly contributes to the overall aesthetic and feel of the gift. Whether you are going for an elegant, rustic, or minimalist look, the right attachment can enhance the gift’s presentation and show the recipient that you’ve put thought into every detail. Here’s a closer look at different attachment methods:


Using ribbon is perhaps one of the most classic and versatile ways to attach your gift tags. Ribbons come in various materials, widths, colors, and patterns, allowing you to match them perfectly with the theme of your gift or event. Satin ribbons offer a smooth, shiny finish that exudes elegance, making them ideal for weddings, anniversaries, or any formal occasion. Grosgrain ribbons, with their ribbed texture, provide a more robust look and feel, suitable for masculine gifts or more casual events. For a festive touch, consider patterned ribbon with seasonal motifs or colors.

When attaching a gift tag with ribbon, you can simply thread the ribbon through the hole in the tag and then tie it around the gift. Consider creative knots and bows for added flair. A well-tied ribbon can itself be a decorative element, enhancing the overall presentation of the gift.


Twine offers a rustic, earthy charm perfect for gifts with a natural or vintage theme. It works exceptionally well for craft paper wrapping, homemade gifts, or any presentation that benefits from a touch of simplicity and warmth. Twine is typically made from natural fibers like cotton, hemp, or jute, and it comes in various thicknesses and sometimes in colors other than the traditional brown or beige.

Attaching your gift tag with twine can give the gift a handmade, artisanal feel. You might choose to thread the twine through the gift tag and wrap it around the gift several times before tying a knot or bow. For added texture and interest, consider using bakers’ twine, which includes a colored stripe spiraling along with the twine.


For a no-fuss, secure method, a staple can be an efficient way to attach your gift tag. This approach is particularly suitable for casual gifts or when you have a large number of items to tag, such as party favors or promotional items. While not as decorative as ribbon or twine, a staple ensures that the tag stays in place and can be a time-saver.

When using a staple, you can simply align the tag with the desired spot on the gift and staple it directly. For a cleaner look, consider using a colored or decorative staple. If you’re concerned about the industrial look of a staple, you can staple the tag to the underside of a ribbon or bow, so it’s secure but less visible.

Additional Creative Uses for Printable Gift Tags

Party Favors

Gift Tag as a Token of Thanks: Attaching personalized gift tags to party favors elevates the sense of appreciation. Customize each tag with the guest’s name, date of the event, or a heartfelt thank you message. With a variety of printable gift tag templates available, you can choose a design that reflects the theme of your party, whether it’s a merry Christmas gathering, a birthday bash, or a holiday party. These small tokens become keepsakes that guests treasure, reminding them of the special time spent.

Material and Style Considerations: Opt for cardstock or kraft paper to give the tags a premium feel. Embellish them with ribbons or foil accents for that perfect final touch. For a more personal gesture, add a handwritten note on each tag, or use customizable tags to include a favorite quote or saying that resonates with the event’s vibe.

Product Packaging

Brand Enhancement with Tags: For businesses, custom printed gift tags aren’t just tags; they’re a branding opportunity. Incorporate your company logo, brand colors, and a unique message or brand motto on the tags. They can be attached to product packaging, bags, or boxes, serving as a reminder of your brand’s attention to detail and commitment to quality. By personalizing these tags, you offer customers a glimpse into your brand’s personality, making the unboxing experience memorable and shareable.

Professional Printing and Design: Utilize services like Vistaprint or other professional printing services to ensure that your gift tags reflect the high quality of your brand. Select from a range of paper stocks and finishes to match your brand’s aesthetic. Sample packs are often available to help you choose the best material for your tags. Remember, every aspect of your product packaging, including the gift tag, contributes to the overall customer experience.


Dual-Purpose Gift Tags: Transform your printable gift tags into charming bookmarks. This is especially apt for book clubs, literary events, or as a thoughtful addition to a book gift. Personalize each bookmark with the recipient’s name, a quote from their favorite author, or literary graphics like book illustrations or classic typographic designs. Add tassels, ribbons, or even envelopes to enhance the bookmark’s appearance and functionality.

Material Choices for Durability: Since bookmarks are used over time, consider printing on a durable cardstock or laminating the tags for longevity. You can also experiment with different shapes and sizes, perhaps reflecting the genre or theme of the book it accompanies. For instance, a tree tag might be perfect for a nature-related book, while a sleek, minimalist tag suits a modern novel.

Custom made printable gift tags offer endless possibilities beyond traditional gift-wrapping. Whether used for party favors, product packaging, or as creative bookmarks, these tags can significantly enhance the personal touch to your gifts or products. By personalizing and choosing the right materials and designs, you can transform these small pieces of paper into impactful branding tools, thoughtful tokens of appreciation, or useful everyday items. So, go the extra mile with your creativity and let every tag tell its own story.

In Conclusion

Custom-made gift tags are a small addition that can make a big difference. They add a layer of thoughtfulness and creativity to any gift, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary. At Brandscape.shop, we’re committed to helping you unlock the power of personalization with our wide range of customizable and printable gift tag options. So next time you have a gift to give, remember: a custom tag is the perfect final touch to show just how much you care.

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