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Trade shows and exhibitions serve as pivotal opportunities for businesses to engage with potential customers and deliver impressive customer experience with custom designed kiosks.

However, simply having a booth at an event does not guarantee meaningful interactions will occur. This is where well engineered custom kiosks enter the scene. Kiosks provide an interactive and memorable way for brands to connect with attendees.

What Are Custom Kiosks and Their Benefits?

custom kiosk refers to a stand-alone, interactive station designed to provide information or services to exhibition attendees. Kiosks can take on many forms, but generally allow users to access multimedia content, print information, collect data, or buy products/services.

Compared to traditional print brochures and banners, kiosks offer numerous advantages:

  • Interactivity: Kiosks facilitate two-way engagement, allowing attendees to search for info or provide feedback. This increases time spent at the booth.
  • MemorabilityInteractive kiosks incorporate vivid imagery, video, audio, and touch-screens to enhance the customer experience. This stimulates multiple senses, enhancing brand recall in retail applications of custom kiosk solutions.
  • Data collection: Many kiosks can capture visitor information through surveys, quizzes or by accessing attendee badges. This provides valuable visitor insights.
  • Versatility: Kiosks can serve many functions, like product demos, wayfinding, lead generation, and more. Their versatility expands branding opportunities in retail applications of custom kiosk design.
  • Adaptability: As a standalone unit, kiosks allow flexibility in placement and usage. Content/layout can also be updated in real-time.

Key Factors When Designing a Custom Kiosk

To maximize impact, careful planning must go into the kiosk design process. Below are key considerations for custom kiosk solutions:

  • Objectives – What are the main goals, like educating visitors, collecting data, or facilitating ticket orders? This drives the custom design features of the interactive kiosk.
  • Location – Will the kiosk be placed in a high or low traffic area? Is it an outdoor custom kiosk solution? The location impacts the kiosk dimensions, materials, and accessibility.
  • Usability – The interface must be intuitive for attendees to use. factoring in elements like screen size, button/hardware placement, and multi-language options.
  • Branding – The kiosk should reflect brand identity through imagery, fonts, logos and color scheme. This boosts visibility.
  • Interactivity – Interactive elements like touchscreens, VR headsets, or responsive buttons enhance engagement in custom kiosk solutions.
  • Technology – Components like the software, computer, display screen and printing capabilities must align with objectives.
  • Maintenance – Consider ease of cleaning, updating and troubleshooting to minimize onsite issues.

Strategic Placement of Kiosks at Exhibitions

Where a kiosk is located at an event can significantly influence visitor traffic and usage. Consider the following placement tips:

  • Position custom kiosks near high-traffic areas like main entrances, intersections, and food/beverage stands to reach more clients.
  • Ensure the interactive kiosk is easily visible through industrial design elements and visual signage.
  • If outdoor, provide shelter from direct sunlight and inclement weather as part of your custom kiosk design.
  • Allow ample space for multiple visitors to interact and navigate the kiosk.
  • For product demos, place custom designed kiosks near relevant displays to facilitate ticket ordering.
  • Avoid cramming kiosks in dense areas competing for attention.
  • For large events, use multiple kiosks throughout the venue for greater exposure.

Measuring the Impact of Your Exhibition Kiosk

There are various metrics to assess the effectiveness of your custom kiosk at an exhibition:

  • Impressions – Use people counters to quantify booth traffic and kiosk visitors.
  • Engagement – Track interaction time through session duration. Longer times signal higher engagement.
  • Lead generation – Measure contacts captured like emails and badge scans as part of payment solutions in custom kiosks.
    More leads = higher value!
  • Sales – If facilitating orders, kiosk sales data reflects buyer conversion.
  • Surveys – Collect feedback through kiosk surveys. Sentiment indicates impact.

By regularly tracking these metrics, we’ve identified opportunities to improve our custom kiosk design and performance. The data also demonstrates the kiosk’s ROI to justify continued investment.

FAQs About Exhibition Kiosks

Q: What types of kiosks work best for exhibitions?

A: Interactive touchscreen kiosks are ideal for exhibitions. Other popular options include video walls, VR/AR kiosks, and tablet/iPad stands. The kiosk type, whether customized or interactive, should match your customer engagement goals.

Q: How much does a custom exhibition kiosk cost?

A: Costs vary based on size, materials, tech specs, and customization level. Simple kiosks can be 2K – 5K. More complex kiosks range from 5K – 50K+. Work with kiosk vendors to match budget.

Q: Considering manufacturing time, how far in advance should I book my custom kiosk?

A: Ideally, contact us 3-6 months before the exhibition to allow time for custom design, approvals, and production. Large events require additional lead time.

Q: Should my exhibition kiosk be staffed or unstaffed?

A: Staffed kiosks encourage interaction but require personnel costs – something to consider in custom kiosk solutions. Unstaffed reduces costs but interactions must be self-service. Evaluate your budget, objectives, and requirements for custom kiosk manufacture.

Q: What factors should I consider when selecting a kiosk vendor?

A: Relevant experience, customization capabilities, responsive support, production/delivery timeline, and costs. Obtain proposals from multiple vendors.

Let Your Brand Thrive with a Custom Kiosk

As we have explored, exhibition kiosks provide an unparalleled opportunity to connect with potential customers through immersive, interactive experiences. By tailoring the design and placement to your specific goals, you can ensure your kiosk leaves a lasting impression.

Kiosks demonstrate that your brand goes beyond static words on a brochure. You offer meaningful engagement on the show floor. With compelling content and technology, kiosks grab attention – the first step to winning over visitors.

The exhibit hall is dense with stimuli, making it crucial your custom kiosk design stands out. A strategically designed, well-placed kiosk acts as your exhibition anchor, ready to win over passing attendees.

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